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Glossary of terms

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Guided motion

Connection between Operation part and Contact, which has the effect of directly transmitting (without spring parts) the force exerted on the operation part on to the contact

High Inrush

Loads that require more current when first turned on than needed to continue operation. Light bulbs exhibit high resistive inrush and may draw up to 10 times or more the normal operating current when first turned on. Motors may show high inductive inrush currents when started


Light source for the illumination of the Lens or Indicator cap e.g. filament lamp, LED, neon lamp

Illuminated pushbutton actuator

Front part of an illuminated pushbutton, without contacts

Illuminated pushbutton maintained action

Pushbutton (maintained action) with integrated lampholder


The illumination of an indicator area or of the operating part of an illuminated pushbutton by means of an illuminating device (filament lamp, LED, neon lamp)


Light signal indicating a state by being illuminated or extinguished

Indicator actuator

Front part of an Indicator without integrated lampholder

Indicator cap

Transparent, also coloured, cover for an Indicator

Indicator element

Unit with integrated lampholder for mounting an Illuminant

Insulation resistance

DIN EN 61058 T.1 (VDE 0630 T.1) para. 15.1 => Resistance (kOhm, MOhm) between the different poles of a switch (base insulation) and between all parts which are under electric tension and are associated with each other and a metal foil which is superimposed on the touchable metal parts which are in contact with the base insulation. Quality of nonconducting material to withstand a maximum voltage

Insulation socket

Protection against contact of the live part of the blade terminal socket

Interval frequency

Oscillations per time unit in Hz




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