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 Glass production: interface with CANbus Download ZIP
 CNC machinery: engraved rugged interface
 Packaging: handheld controls with CANbus
 Industrial oven: keyboard control panel
 Mail sorting machine: locking control panel
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 Key Components Enhance
the Human-Machine Interface

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 Emergency Stop Switches
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 Essential Features of Human Machine Interface Component Design Download ZIP
 Designing Effective Human
Machine Interface Systems
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EAO understands that machine builders need totally reliable Human Machine Interface components.

A machine may have to operate continuously 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A switch which fails can result in downtime - a big cost factor in certain production processes.

Customer advantages

  • Full-service-life value and lower maintenance costs: EAO components are precisely crafted devices, made to exacting design specifications and very close tolerances from high-grade plastics, metals, and carefully calibrated springs.
  • Improved equipment value and performance. EAO components are built for modern HMI systems and offer the performance, feel and look that users demand.
  • Proper consideration given to individual applications. EAO combines proven experience with specialised products and services to ensure every customer receives the most appropriate solution


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