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EAO, representatives for Sanyo Denki’s leading DC cooling fans and stepper motors

EAO Ltd offers products including:

Stepper Motors and Cooling Fans

axial cooling fans    Stepper motors and stepper motor drivers    DC cooling fans

Sanyo Denki Cooling Fans

Careful thermal design is critical to the performance and reliability of electronic equipment, so Sanyo Denki uses only the highest quality components in their cooling system devices, making them suitable for equipment that must operate at optimal conditions every day, 365 days a year.

Sanyo Denki AC fans
Sanyo Denki DC cooling fans, including splash proof fans, oil proof fans, long life fans and thermally speed controlled fans
Sanyo Denki Blower Fans
Sanyo Denki CPU Coolers
Sanyo Denki Centrifugal Fans

Sanyo Denki Stepper Motors

Sanyo Denki motors and drives achieve high holding torque and high-resolution rotations at very low vibration levels.

Sanyo Denki 2 phase stepper motors and stepper motors drives
Sanyo Denki 3 phase stepper motors and drivers
Sanyo Denki 5 phase stepping motors and drivers
Sanyo Denki closed loop stepper motor system PB
Sanyo Denki 'F' 5 phase stepping system

Sanyo Denki Customer Solutions
EAO UK customer solutions for Sanyo Denki products


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