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EAO, principal representative of switch and control specialist, Grayhill

Switches, Encoders, Joysticks, Keypads and Multi-Touch Interfaces

Rotary Switches, Optical Encoders and CANbus Keypads

Grayhill is leading US manufacturer of rugged human machine interface components and systems. Grayhill's world renowned reputation arises from the unrivalled vertical integration of its processes; from in-house design, through to prototyping and manufacturing, and rigorous final testing and qualification. The quality and dependability of Grayhill products is relied upon by users even in life-critical applications throughout the world - from soldiers to surgeons.

Rotary Switches     Optical Encoders    

CANBus IP67 Keypads 8 to 20 way     Navcoder joysticks with encoder and pushbutton    CAN bus vehicle display

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EAO Ltd offers Grayhill products including:

EAO UK Customised Solutions for Grayhill products
EAO UK Customised Solutions for Grayhill Products

Grayhill CAN-bus Keypads and Displays for Vehicles
Illuminated IP67 sealed keypads, displays and joysticks -Customised versions also available

Grayhill Insinct Multi-Touch Technology
Grayhill's Instinct touch technology is a system that combines gesture recognition software with a multi-touch interface device to provide an intuitive control solution for OEM equipment

Grayhill Rotary Switches
Available with or without adjustable stop-positions, either in single- or multi-deck versions; can be supplied with numerous pole and switch configurations.

Grayhill Navcoder Joysticks
Available with 4 and 8 way joysticks, optical encoder and pushbutton

Grayhill Optical Encoders
Available with 2-bit quadrature output and a choice of torques.

Grayhill DIP Switches
Available with single or multi-pole, single or double throw, through hole or SMT

Grayhill Pushbutton Switches
Pushbutton switches are available with threaded mountings or snap-in mounting

Grayhill Keypads
Easy-to-customise waterproof keypads in either matrix or single-pole circuitry


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