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Stepper motors and drivers for precision motion control

EAO is the principal UK representative for the Sanyo Denki Sanmotion range of 2, 3 and 5 phase stepper motors and microstepping drivers. Sanyo Denki offers a huge range of 1.8 and 0.9 degree steppers in frame sizes ranging from 14mm square up to 106mm square.  With a range of added value services including custom cable harnessing, gearboxes and leadscrews, EAO is ready to meet your motion control needs.

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F2 Series Stepper Motors
High Torque F2-Stepper Motors

Improved rotor design offers up to 20% more torque
• Reduced motor size for same torque
• Reduced vibration at low speed
• New 0.9 degree stepping angle versions


Download product information -  2_phase motors 
F5 Series Stepper Motors

Five Phase Stepper Motors  with CANbus

Integrated driver with built-in CANopen interface
• Popular 42mm and 60mm frame size
• Built-in 500PPR encoder
• 25 different microstep options with 0.72 and 1.8 degree muliples for use as 2 phase motor


Download product information-CANbus motors

Download product information - 5_phase motors

Pancake stepper motors ‘Pancake’ Stepper Motor
11.6mm 'thin' motors in 42mm and 50mm size 
• Flat motors for space critical application
• Holding torque up to 0.24Nm (42mm square by 25mm)
• Bi-polar winding

Download product information- Pancake motors
Stepper motor drives New Stepper Motor Drivers
Smaller, cheaper and better than current drivers
• Compact drives now 50% smaller – only 64mm x 56mm x 29mm
• Low vibration mode for improved low speed performance
• 1/16 micro stepping scheme with uni-polar and bi-polar versions
• Easy screw terminal connections

Download product information-Stepper Drivers
PB closed loop system PB Closed Loop System
Fast, accurate positioning in efficient compact package
• Replace servos up to 300W with low cost PB stepper motors
• Short positioning time with high torque at low speed
• Less heat generation and reduced power consumption
AC or DC drivers with multi axis control 

Download product information-Closed Loop Steppers

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