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Greener, quieter machines with the new GA type fan


Sanyo Denki's new GA Series fans offer high airflow and static pressure but with lower noise and power consumption for greener, quieter machines. They are available in the UK only from EAO Ltd – the experts for thermal control solutions.

 Greener, quieter machines with the new GA type fan



The 92GA (92 x 25mm deep) delivers a mighty 77.7 CFM (2.2 m3/min) at a static pressure of 105 Pa. A new design of frame, blades, motor and circuits enables it to produce up to 25% more airflow than the previous model.


They are quieter and more energy efficient too. Thanks to an improved motor efficiency and design circuit, they consume 17% less power and produce 3dB(A) less noise at the same airflow conditions.


The GA type fan is also available in a 40 x 28mm frame size, either 12 or 24 VDC.  


They are all fitted with pulse sensors and PWM speed-control function as standard. As with all Sanyo Denki fans, these are high-reliability, dual ball-bearing products and are guaranteed for a minimum 40,000 hours (tested at 60oC with a survival rate of 90%).


IT and telecommunications devices such as servers, storage, power supplies, PC, and other applications will be cooled more effectively using Sanyo Denki GA fans.

All Sanyo Denki products are designed for high-reliability and a long service life to reduce machine downtime.



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