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Compact stepper motor driver nearly 70% smaller


A compact, high-performance 2-phase stepper motor drive has been launched by the motion control specialists, Sanyo Denki, and is available in the UK from EAO.

The San Motion F Series measures just 56mm x 64mm x 29mm and weighs less than 90 grams. This is a 68% size reduction and 57% weight reduction when compared with the previous model.

The microstepping resolution can be reduced to just 1/16th, which provides unmatched control over positioning. Included is a low-vibration mode that reduces motor noise. The drive operation is either by pulse-and-direction or CW/CCW.

The F Series features built-in protection functions including winding short-circuit and phase failure, plus an LED for alarm display. It is offered as either a uni-polar or bi-polar DC unit. The supply voltage is in the range of 24- 36Vdc (+/-10%) and the current selection is from 100% to 40% at standstill.

It is very simple to connect to a stepper motor and is designed to optimise performance of the Sanyo Denki F series 1.8º or 0.9º motors, which are available in a range of sizes from 28mm² to 60mm².

This product is UL/CSA/CE certified and RoHS complaint. All Sanyo Denki products are designed for high-reliability and a long service life to reduce machine downtime. 



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