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Stringent regulations within the public transportation industry requires a special range of Human Machine Interface components that meet the highest standards of safety, durability and functionality. EAO has developed products to meet these standards, including the latest regulations on access for the disabled.


Features and benefits

  • Compliant with industry standard specifications for shock, vibration, fire and smoke emissions
  • Highly visible, homogenous LED illumination with dimming control
  • Large press surfaces suited for engraving text and symbols, or even embossing with Braille
  • Meets the demands for disabled users
  • Comprehensive range of attractive, vandal resistant products, with a positive, tactile feedback, tailored to transportation needs

Customer Advantages

  • A reduction in the amount of sub-suppliers. EAO offers a comprehensive product range that meets all interior and exterior switch requirements.
  • EAO products require minimal maintenance as they are built using the latest, most durable materials, which meet transportation safety standards.


EAO has designed and manufactured products as an answer to the specific requirements of transportation to ensure 100% reliability and functionality. For this reason our products are used in every sphere of transportation from:

  • Passenger access - Including disabled door access
  • Interiors - Including alerting bus drivers to stop
  • Driver control panels - Including command buttons on the bridge of ocean liners

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