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EAO manufactures a broad range of industrial switches including foolproof emergency stops and high-illumination pushbuttons. They offer unparalleled reliability with the benefit of EAO’s unique, tactile ‘click’ that is reassuring for the user.


Features and benefits

  • Long operational life
  • Short-travel tactile options for alternative to membrane switches
  • Range of connections including screw and plug-in terminals and PCB mounting
  • Flush-mount for easy cleaning
  • Illumination
  • Reduces assembly costs from fast mounting design

Customer advantages

  • Completely reliable fit-and-forget products, which are delivered through a worldwide sales and distribution network.
  • Engraved, customised components to meet the exact machine requirements.


  • Print control desks within the newspaper industry
  • In-store supermarket ovens
  • Production line packing machines
  • Lathes & Milling machines

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