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EAO The expert in Human Machine Interfaces

EAO’s mission is to be the expert partner in Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) The human touch is our corporate philosophy and it is manifest in the quality and reliability of our people, products and processes.

EAO was founded in the spirit of pioneers whose cornerstone product, the illuminated pushbutton combined design excellence with engineering expertise that set the standards for the industry.

Since then, EAO’s reputation has flourished and it is now one of the world’s leading businesses in the field of HMI. Its customer base spans five continents. EAO‘s product range has also expanded through innovation and acquisition to comprise the full complement of HMI products, from switches and indicators to keypads, keyboards and a series of customer-designed solutions.

By combining knowledge, experience of ergonomics, aesthetics and cutting edge technology, EAO is uniquely positioned to deliver an added value partnership with its customers.


EAO - Your Expert Partner for Human Machine Interfaces
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