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Levage et Manutention

Lifting and moving controls must be highly responsive and tactile to answer the operator's every touch, yet tough enough to survive the harshest of environments. EAO's range of Human Machine Interface controls are suited to the wide range of potential applications within this market, from industrial hydraulic lifting equipment to home stair-lifts for the disabled.

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Features and benefits

  • LED illumination in a range of colours gives clear indication of operating status
  • Available in a variety of actuating forces
  • Rugged, vandal resistant construction and sealed to IP67 for external use
  • Self-cleaning snap-action contact blocks for dusty environments
  • Large pressel surface with positive tactile feedback

Customer advantages

  • Flush-mounting and sealing to IP67 at the front enable easy cleaning
  • Product are available in stainless steel for absolute durability
  • EAO switches offer high levels of shock and vibration resistance, making them suitable for use on large mobile equipment
  • We can supply switches with large pressels and laser-engraved surfaces which are more accessible for disabled operators or those with gloved hands


EAO products are perfect for lifing and moving applications because they can be sealed up to IP67 against water intrusion and designed as flush mount for easy cleaning. This makes them perfect for rough-terrain vehicles like tractors, cranes and forklifts. Our emergency stops offer foolproof activation – essential for lifting equipment.

EAO products are perfect for ramp requests on public transport and also for tailgate ramps on the backs of articulated vehicles.

EAO’s products are both rugged and sensitive. EAO’s switches can be fitted with large actuating surfaces which require only a gentle push action to activate, making them ideal for disabled chair lifts which can be operated even by young children.


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